Who We Are

Greater Unity Employment Services is a new division of Greater Unity Adult Services and is a private, community-based company whose goal is to place individuals with disabilities in competitive employment, making minimum wage or higher, in an integrated setting.

We believe that work is a fundamental part of life, and that programs providing employment supports are a valuable resource for people with severe mental illness seeking jobs alongside non-disabled individuals.

Program Highlights

Our program is built to support our clients with comprehensive assistance, including job coaches, transportation, assistive technology, specialized job training and individually tailored supervision.

We believe the program will not only provide our clients with the opportunity to begin their careers, but also help them to develop new skills, enhance self-esteem, increase community participation and ultimately improve their overall quality of life.

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Employer Partnerships

With all of the other demands of managing your business, the hiring process can be a hassle. We’ll collaborate with you to lighten the workload associated with recruitment, hiring and training.

You can enjoy all the benefits of a brand new employee without going through the tedious process of screening applicants, interviewing candidates and focusing on getting your new hire fully trained.

Here’s where Greater Unity Employment Services makes a difference:


No more endless searching! We provide our employment partners with full access to our database of qualified, pre-screened job candidates.

Job Training

Our job coaches work in tandem with your staff to bring new hires up to speed with your company values and expectations, whether the employee eventually transitions into independent employment or we maintain on-site supervision for the duration of their employment.

Job Retention

You can expect low turnover from our employees as they have provided input on the types of work they would prefer to do, which we match with their knowledge and skills to deliver highly motivated, skilled and happy hires.